Best Yoga For Health Directional Movements


The Upa-Yoga practice is a simple way to activate the energy nodules in our joints and exercise our muscles bringing ease to the whole system.

Designed by Sadhguru, these practices are based on the science of Upa-Yoga, which is oriented towards physical and psychological practices.

The benefits that one can gain are:

1. Enhance vitality, focus, memory, and productivity.

2. Stabilize the body, mind, and emotions.

3. Strengthen and stabilize the spine.

4. Help relieve back pain, stress, anxiety, and tension.

5. Help relieve chronic ailments and improve overall health.

6. Enhance teamwork and communication.

7. Impart a lasting sense of joy, peace, and fulfillment.


Dedicate the next 1 hour exclusively for learning all the practices.

Avoid getting up, eating, drinking, or going to the rest room in between.

A light stomach is recommended (keep a 1.5 hour gap after food). If you do not fulfill this condition on a particular day, please skip the Yoga Namaskar practice.

The practices can be done at anytime and anywhere. If one is looking at doing just one practice, then it is recommended that doing Yoga Namaskar for overall well being.

People with chronic diseases, pain, cardiovascular problems, consult a doctor before doing these practices.

We are advised to make sure to do everything slowly and gently according to the instructions. If one is uncomfortable doing any particular practice, one can skin that one and do the next practice one is comfortable attempting.

If one is feeling any pain or discomfort, one needs to stop and consult a doctor.

If a person wears spectacles while doing the Yoga practices, we need to remove them and keep them aside.

Anyone over 7 years of age can do this practice.

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